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Frozen in time

posted 24 Oct 2015, 07:25 by Louise Jensen   [ updated 24 Oct 2015, 07:32 by Tim Elliston ]

You’re a beautiful bride,’ William said.

Lily swished her train, the beading sparkled in the light. ‘You don’t think it’s too…..’.

‘You look stunning.’

‘I can hardly breathe.’ Lily ran a finger around the bodice, tried to ease it away from her ribs.

‘You look beautiful.’

‘I don’t, I’m……’

‘Not seeing what I see.’

William smiled. ‘Ready to renew our vows?’

Lily took his hand. Kissed the lined and baggy skin.

‘Are you sure I don’t look ridiculous? Too old?’

‘I don’t see you looking any different to the day you first wore it forty years ago.’ William said. ‘I just see you.’