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posted 24 Oct 2015, 07:08 by Louise Jensen   [ updated 24 Oct 2015, 07:27 by Tim Elliston ]

It’s not fair.’ Millie stands, hands on hips, bottom lip out, the way she did when she was 6.

‘You’re not going.’

Footsteps thunder up the stairs and I count the seconds before music thuds through the house. I rotate my shoulders, trying to dislodge the knots.

‘She’s growing up,’ My ultra observant husband says. ‘You’ve got to give her some freedom.’

I hesitate outside Millie’s door, hand poised to knock, but instead continue to my room. Yellowing newspapers spill from the box as I open the lid. Tears torrent as I reread the reports about the sister Millie will never know.

It’s not fair.